I game. This should not be surprising, as I follow most of the trends associated with “geeks”, especially the old fashion type. Recently, my DM (of many years) has started into Shadowrun. This is my first brush with it, and to fill out our group he turned to the internet to gather some players. After many misses, he managed one new player (bringing our party total up to three), since most of our old regulars have since moved away.

During our last gaming session, I learned that our new member is big into tea. We managed to derail the whole game for half an hour discussing it–pausing every so often in anĀ attempt to return to the game, but ultimately failing each time.

Anyhow, after discussing puehrs and oolongs, duringĀ today’s session, he gifted me with two from his collection: An unknown mountain oolong, and a thirty-year-old puehr (shou or sheng, don’t know; looks shou, but might be the age).

Mountain Oolong

Mountain Oolong


Chunk of puehr

If I’d known he’d be bringing some, I’d have offered to do a trade. Seems only fair.

On another note, my Teavivre order cleared. Purchased a large collection of samples.