I don’t blog individual tea reviews here, but you may find these on my Steepster (check it out if you like). I sometimes elaborate on favourite teas here, but I mainly use this blog to talk about tea related books. Recently I’ve found myself searching out and collecting various texts on tea; most of these are older works, although I will try to review some of the more recent “complete” textbooks out there. Where I can, I will link to these books (or sites to buy them), however many of them may be out of print, or overpriced textbooks that are hard to come by these days (usually obtained from university libraries). In the future, I may also attempt discussion on papers I’ve found. You can find a complete list of my library and reading wishlist under “Bookshelf“.

Occasionally my posts segue into tea history delves, and those rambling essays are also collected here. Following whatever research topic catches my fancy, from obscure tea terms, to old blending techniques, to interesting historic tea figures.

Because this blog relies on me having adequate time set aside to read an entire book (or research a topic enough to write about it), my posts will be a bit far and in between. But I’ll get around to all these books eventually.