Invaded Chinatown yesterday to pick up teas. I went in for unflavoured tuocha and “honey” phoenix dan cong, came out with a bit more.

And also books. But I got those at Chapters downtown, after I’d left Chinatown. Photos under the cut.

Tea picked up from The Chinese Tea Shop in Chinatown.
Mini tuocha puehr, “honey” phoenix dan cong, and traditional charcoal roast iron buddha. Came in a nice bag.

Jane's Tea and Art

Mini compressed teas, from another tea shop, Jane’s Tea and Art. Flavoured with chrysanthemum, bamboo and a type of mushroom, I think she said. Individually wrapped in gold foil. The shop deals more with herbal remedy blends, I think. They had a very nice, light “summer” tea with goji berries that she let me try.


See here for my thoughts on The Book of Tea, which at this point I’ve read twice. But I loved the book enough to buy a copy, although I would have preferred the Tuttle publication. Also picked up The Ladies of Grace Adieu, a book of short stories by Susanna Clarke (of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, my favourite book).

Overall, a very enjoyable trip downtown. I stayed a while at the Chinese Tea Shop, and got to try a green style iron buddha, as well as a green puehr, both prepared gongfu style; it was very interesting to watch. And the tea was delicious. A touring German family came in about the same time as me and sipped tea as well. One of the daughters didn’t pick up her cup from the rim though, and accidentally burnt her fingers.

There was also a toddler running around with tea saucers, and would steal your saucer and replace it every time you picked up your tea to sip. It was pretty cute.

Also discussed yixing teapots, and asked what he’d recommend for a dan cong, since I love them enough to consider dedicating a pot to them.

Metal tea chest. A gift from my mom.

On another note: last week my mom picked me up this from Winners. She wanted to give it to me on my birthday (fourish months away still), but couldn’t wait. I’d actually seen this at Winners (and another style, they had a few–all tea themed), and had considered picking it up. I’m glad I didn’t, now. I love it. It’s perfect for storing loose tea bags and small tea samples and things inside. Keeps it all together. Currently using it for the teas detailed above, since they’re all mostly in clear packaging. Random teas written all over it, I like it a lot.


Meanwhile, it’s rather tricky to add these teas to my Steepster cupboard, as there are half a dozen different “Chinese Tea Shop’s, and the tea from Jane’s Tea and Art doesn’t even have a name or label. Think I might take on the lofty task of separating and organizing all these “Chinese Tea Shop” teas. “Chinese Tea Shop (Vancouver Chinatown)” and different names, or something.