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My posts are so far and in between that it’s difficult to tell when I’m gone at all. So it may or may not surprise anyone to know that I was gone for a while, on field school, hiking and collecting rocks. Again. And that I forgot to take pictures of tea on mountaintops. Again.

But I did bring back a large bag of rocks. …Surprise.

Since I got back, I’ve started up classes again, finished off a load of tea samples, ordered a whole lot more, and lost my cat. I don’t mean that lightly. About a week after I got back, our two family cats vanished. One showed up again three days later… The other, my perky little tabby, hasn’t been seen for over a week now. I’ve been in contact with our local shelter, put up posters, set out food and litter, and I’m pretty much left at hoping. She’s a very chatty cat, so every time I hear a noise outside (usually children playing) I’m out on the porch in a second calling for her.

She constantly slips her collar, so she doesn’t even have our contact information on her if she’s found.

I guess in brighter news, 52Teas had a sale. Frank’s getting ready to hand over 52Teas and focus on his iced tea range (which looks promising, and I was kinda eyeing that lavender chai… but I was trying to keep my cart small). Unfortunately for me, the combination of upped shipping (it’s no longer just $2 to Canada, I guess) plus the terrible state of the Canadian dollar actually caused my cart (which was about $10 after discount, before $6 shipping [which aint bad]) to come out to $20. Which would have been the net cost without the discount. Welp.

My soft spot: Dessert teas. I was hoping to nab a few caffeine-free blends, but unfortunately the ones I had my eye on sold out…

I’ve got a soft spot for dessert teas. They’re good for the mornings when I haven’t the mind to appreciate some of my more delicate teas. Reviews will be up on Steepster. Though I haven’t written a very thoughtful review in a very long time…

I do have plans to post more about books, I’ve just made myself take a break so I can read the growing stack of novels I’ve got. Luckily the Vancouver Public Library is damn old and has a surprising selection of older tea books. However, most of them are in Collections, which means you have to get a librarian to roll out the giant Collections storage unit for you… Badass but tedious, and I do hate asking for help. Honestly I understand why–those things can crush you–but damnit.

Many more at my university library as well, so hopefully I’ll get some posts up. I’m not as avid and quick a reader as I once was, though.

Oh yeah, and I’ve been playing Guns of Icarus a lot. There’s nothing quite like screaming “HARD TO STARBOARD” and then taking a large sip of tea in preparation before shooting down an enemy airship.


  1. My fingers are crossed that your cat returns home!

  2. And that we hear more about those tea books.

  3. Am going through some of the old (recent) blog posts on Tea Trade and saw this, did your cat ever come home?

    Years ago, I lost a favorite cat when I lived in a home located in an orange orchard. One night a storm hit while my cat was outside, I suspect she got lost out in the storm and never made it back to the house. I never saw her again. I had raised her from a palm-sized kitten.

    It’s heartbreaking when that happens, so I know what you mean when you say that you don’t “say that lightly”.

    • No, she didn’t. I’m not great at putting my feelings into words, but I’ve been pretty heartbroken about it. I tried to stay hopeful, but it’s been two months and I’ve heard nothing.

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