Death, Art, Tea

00:10 this morning, I learned that Nicholas Courtney had passed away four days prior. I suppose it almost fitting that my favourite Doctor Who tea mug should break the day earlier (I consoled myself by purchasing more than a pound of jelly babies), as if foreshadowing the news to me. It makes me sad. But it’s not a subject for a tea-themed blog.

Although I do have something related, but more on-topic. I have been considering relaying some of my tea-themed pieces of artwork here. Nothing new (well, two of them are, but perhaps I will post those another day), at least not this one, but it seemed right to start with it first, partly in honour of such a famous Doctor Who actor dying.

From that same era, although having died fourteen years ago. He is a (if not, the) favourite actor of mine, and, like Courtney, I wish I could have met him in his lifetime (I was a little on the young side when he died, sadly).

If I’m followed on Steepster, one may recognize this from AmazonV’s contest. It was drawn prior to that, although I was delighted that it was accepted, and that I even came out of it with some prize-teas. Jon Pertwee was a brilliant man, and a true action hero.

There isn’t much to say about the picture now, although through all the mistakes that glare at me, I’m still quite proud of it. It’s awkward, but the lines are smooth and I have no qualms about my shading–not pride in that respect, more satisfied in my attempt. I don’t believe I captured Pertwee’s essence to perfection, as looking at it does not immediately bring to mind the Third Doctor reaching for any odd scientific utensel on-hand to use as a stir-stick in his tea. But I’d like to practice and become familiar with drawing his features. It is a small artistic goal of mine, although I have not made any more attempts since this one. Which required quite a few photo references.

I think I may just be looking for things to post about so I can turn this into my first, only, active blog; I’ve never been much for this “blogging” thing. Although every time I join a site that offeres them, I create one, and try to theme it to whatever my purpose is on that site. I have a general blog, an art blog, a writing blog, a cooking blog… a dream blog. I haven’t touched any of those in years. I try to update my general homepage blog, but it’s mostly rambles about things.

But I’m attempting to stagger my posts, because I do have a few ideas of subjects (although they will require sitting down and typing some rambles out), but if I don’t catch myself I’ll end up making seven blog posts in one day. It’s a very journal-like thing to do, I suppose. Not that I think enough people will stalk me for it to matter. I don’t think I could ever get into Twitter or Facebook. Ech, stalking. When I first joined Steepster, I became increasingly nervous every time someone new began to follow me. I an unused to such things, and if I do not immediately know the person, it makes me uncomfortable (I have since gotten over this, somewhat). I prefer friends-lists that I can control (but I do tend to deny everyone), although I am trying to force myself to accept requests from strangers in good sport.

Moving on, I am feverishly expectant of a package on Monday. My very first order from 52 Teas, who I have wanted to order from for the longest time, but who often sells out before I can make up my mind (my friend refers to this as “waffling” on a purchase). It came down to French Vanilla Assam (I sampled a Cream Irish Breakfast which I adored, so I knew I would love it instantly–perhaps even more, as it would be straight up Assam), or Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush. Because CCH was on its third (possibly fourth?) reblend, it ultimately won. Although FVA sold right out, I fear that I will never have it. Perhaps it will be reblended also. Although, it is a rather simple concept compared to many of Frank’s other blends, so perhaps (by some luck) it will make its way into 52 Teas’ permanent collection.

I can dream.


    • No, I never use them. I have never truly blogged about anything in my life; this will be my first, earnest attempt at one (the closest I have are ‘rambling life updates’).

      I merely dislike leaving blog features empty, when a site offers them. Thus I try to give them a purpose, or at least an opening post.

  1. I meant you already had several blogs, even if they were not active for long.

  2. It was sad to hear about “The Brigadier” . My childhood memories of great episodes spans the last of Troughton, the wonderful Jon Petwee and Tom Baker years. But David Tennant eclipses them all.
    All of which can be discussed over a great cup of tea.

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