A New Day

I have a wonderfully fitting and uplifting first post for this blog.

My favourite tea mug, pictured below the cut, broke.

The handle snapped off when, pulling it from a shelf in the cupboard, another mug began to fall. Reaching out to catch the second one, it banged against the handle of my dalek mug and snapped it off into three pieces.

I picked it up from my favourite down-town comic book store. There is little chance they’ll be getting more in; they’re the best in the area for Doctor Who merchandise, but that doesn’t mean they have a great selection, just more of a selection than any other place (which would have none). I suppose I could check, just to see–maybe I’ll get lucky, but I’d rather not get my hopes up. I’d order a new one online, but that’s eight dollars shipping if I’m LUCKY.

I should have realized from the start that today was going to be one of those days. Lovely. And now I get to go to chemistry and play with all sorts of lethal salts and chemicals.


  1. I guess that must be the “before” pic. I feel for you. I hate breaking a favorite mug. This is an incredibly sad start to a tea blog ;)
    Well, I hope your chemistry class went alright and it didn’t continue being “one of those days.”

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