Two posts? From me? Huh, that’s… something, I suppose.

After spending a day cramming for midterms, I returned home to find that I’d received two envelopes. One of tea, one containing my PAL (That’s the Canadian equivalent to a firearms license, for the yanks). I’ve been collecting licenses as of late. Well, all relevant to my field, of course. On top of my PAL, I received my level 1 portable XRF operator’s license, and so with the ability to legally handle any non-prohibited firearm in Canada, as well as shoot a gun that literally fires xrays at things, I think I’m well on my way to a life of crime and super villainy.

At any rate, on to the tea.


Green Terrace Teas

Green Terrace Teas¬†offered free samples in exchange for reviews on Steepster; we’ve had a few of these promotions lately, but I haven’t been paying much attention to them. Some of GTT’s teas caught my attention though, so I decided “what the heck” (and then turned around and bought about five other new teas).

I requested the Li Shan Black, Honey Black, and Gui Fei Oolong. All teas I don’t believe I’ve ever tried again. As per usual, I’ll be posting the actual reviews on Steepster once I get some free time to open these up, but I’ll post some photos up here. I’m holding off until after my midterm before I start cracking open a lot of these packages (I’ve barely drunk any of my new purchases from my¬†last post).

GTT has next to no reviews (only one or two from other tea bloggers that I’ve found via google–I tend to research the companies before accepting the promotions, because anyone can offer you free stuff on the internet), and none on Steepster yet (though a few other users have reported receiving their samples today, so I expect reviews soon), so if you want to help a new tea company gain some street cred, I’d check if their offer’s still valid on Steepster.