Soon Jy Famous Tea

I’m finishing off a tea from a friend. She got it from a coworker, and she wanted my opinion on it, so she gave me a healthy sample. It’s an oolong, but that’s the extent of our knowledge on it. Apparently “Soon Jy Famous Tea” is all the package says.

I never knew the company, so I never added it to my Steepster cupboard. I have no pictures either, although I suppose I can go upstairs and take some of the wet leaf. It’s a very nice, lightly roasted oolong. I liked it enough that I told her, she should look into finding out the company and name so she can carry it.

She owns a teashop.

I guess she’d have to talk to this coworker (from her other job–working one job to pay for the expenses of her dream job), and hope the company does wholesale. It’s a very nice tea. And she doesn’t carry many oolongs as it is.

It brews a pale honey colour, and it has some sweet notes from it as well. It’s not strongly grassy, more butter with maybe a bit of flower? But I’d like to say slightly more savoury. Almost smoky. I’m only on the first steep of the last of my sample, though. I’ve many more to work through. She really should look into carrying it. I’m sad that I’ve run out.


  1. I found the company’s website but some of the English requires a bit of guesswork.

    Oolong teas are some of my favorite teas, although the smoky ones are not so much for me. I prefer oolongs that aren’t too roasted, and lightly oxidized.


  2. Selling tea is not enough? :( but if it is her dream job :D

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