Tea Flowers

Just art today. Which I post while listening to Close to the Edge. This first one was just a large image I did in my sketchbook. Pencil crayon. If you haven’t recognized the subject yet, they’re both just of the same large-leafed tea plant centred on the flower.

♪ Seasons will pass you by–I get up, I get down–now that it’s all over and done now. Now that you find, now that you’re whole now. ♫

A few weeks later I realized it would make a good Artist’s Trading Card, but the image was too large and the paper flimsy, and I didn’t want to ruin it by manually cropping it, so I just made a second attempt at the sketch on a pre-prepared card.

It’s not like there’s anyone in my area to trade ATC with, but I like to make them anyway. Number ’em and such.

Here’s the thumbnail of the second one. It was also just nice to make a second attempt at the sketch, and fix any problems I thought went wrong with the first one. It’s about the same size as a normal trading card, unlike the first which is considerably larger. This one also gets a background, because the area was cropped so I thought it deserved one. Fill in that white space.

♪ In her white lace, you could clearly see the lady sadly looking, saying that she’d take the blame for the crucifiction of her own domain. ♫

More art another day. Hmm, I don’t know if this blog template thing works particularly well with art-posting. That’s why I was going with the more simplified ones originally. I switched because the one I liked the most was dropped.

I’ve always wanted to do a Tea-related comic. Probably humorous, as I don’t see any other genre working too well while revolving completely around tea. “Tea Funnies”. Except I’m no good with jokes.

At any rate, there is another tea shop that I’m thinking of heading down to check out today. They had some pretty gaiwans on their website, and I’m tempted to go down and buy one. I need to stop collecting these things. Porcelain everywhere! Also wanted to stop by HMV and pick up some CDs.

Now that it’s all over and done, called to the seed, right to the sun. 


  1. Lovely artwork. I had a look at some of your other stuff on deviantART. Some good stuff there.

    “Tea funnies” now that’s a good idea. You could try, you never know the humor might flow with the drawing.

    I can’t believe you have “another” tea shop you could go to. We have nothing really where we are.
    Did you end up going?


    • I’d have to be inspired by something funny and tea-related first, I think.

      Yeah, I have a whole network of cities at my disposal–anywhere that I can get to by bus or train. But I didn’t end up going today. Today turned into a slow Reading and Drawing day.

      Tomorrow, hopefully.

  2. ATCs? Nice to see someone doing them.
    Are they tea inspired?

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